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How Secure are Passwords?

InfoGrate is exploring 5 items that are commonly used every day. People assume they are secure, but are they? We have already reviewed United States Postal Service Blue Mailboxes, Checks, Fax Machines, and In-house Servers. The final item we will examine is passwords.

The Risk:

Passwords, once thought to be a failsafe way of protecting accounts, can pose a security risk. This is especially true if a password is reused for multiple accounts – if one account is hacked, the fraudster can try that password on other accounts. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), even the most unique and secure passwords can be hacked as well.

The Solution:

Set up two factor authentication – most services and applications provide this as an option in accounting settings. The next wave of login security is biometrics (such as Apple’s FaceID). If this is an option, it should be implemented as well. You could also consider a password management service.

Helping our clients keep their information safe across all channels is very important. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to set up a security review, contact us at

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