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How Secure are Checks?

InfoGrate is exploring 5 items that are commonly used every day. People assume they are secure, but are they? We have already reviewed United States Postal Service Blue Mailboxes. Next, we will examine checks.

The Risk:

What is on the check – your full name, address, bank account and bank routing number. All of these are highly sensitive pieces of information. Whether you put a check in the mail or hand it to a stranger as a form of payment, a check contains everything a fraudster needs to set up an ACH payment. Additionally, they can sell your information on the dark web.

The Solution:

Checks are an obsolete method of payment, given the obvious security risks. If you are still paying companies or individuals with checks, contact each party and see if they can set up secure online payment options. If this is not an option, consider changing suppliers/services if the company in question is not a trusted party. You may also want to consider using an online bill paying service. Be vigilant about monitoring your bank accounts and report any suspicious activity immediately to your bank.

Helping our clients keep their information safe across all channels is very important. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to set up a security review, contact us at The next item that we are going to review is fax machines.

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