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Every key player at InfoGrate is from the ultra-high-net-worth marketplace, which makes us technological and operational experts in such a narrow, niche marketplace. Our history and level of service means we’re thoughtful, flexible, fast, focused, cost-conscious, results-oriented.

Tania Neild,

Dr. Neild’s extensive deployment experience enables her to consult on complex issues such as crossing applications for general ledger systems, analyzing security master attributes, modeling or tracking relationships, and managing tax or partnership accounting. She has deep domain expertise with the design, customization, and implementation of new technologies and services to align strategic business objectives with tactical requirements, including compliance, disaster recovery, file management, security checks, and vulnerability assessments.


In addition to her work at InfoGrate, Dr. Neild has worked with boutique application service providers. As the CTO and COO of Private Client Resources, she built the technology and the team to implement, operate and service the aggregation, reconciliation and reporting platform. Under her oversight, PCR grew from a family wealth management prototype into a fully operational reporting system that tracked more than $6 billion in assets for over 300 families. While serving as the CTO and Managing Director of EnvestNet Asset Management, Dr. Neild built a separately managed account platform recognized by Forbes in 2001 as “Best of the Web.” Co-founded by Dr. Neild, EnvestNet went public in the fall of 2010.


Dr. Neild’s exceptional technical skills in distributed data integration and real-time data management result from 25 years of academic and professional applied research. Dr. Neild began her career as an applied scientist for the National Security Agency, which awarded her the prestigious National Physical Sciences Consortium Award to fund her research in heterogeneous database integration. She earned a PhD in computer engineering from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer sciences from Emory University.

Shawn Tluczek,

Shawn Tluczek joined InfoGrate soon after the company was founded and will celebrate 20 years with the company in August 2019. 


Shawn brings a diverse background to the company – after graduating from Indiana State University with a degree in Marketing and Advertising she worked in retail as a manager for Minnesota Fabrics/Hancock Textiles.  This position only reinforced her love of crafting and provided endless boxes of fabrics and craft supplies that still exist today.


After leaving the retail field, Shawn went to work in Chicago and has held administrative positions with Merrill Lynch Money Markets, Duracell USA and First Chicago Capital Markets and was the Marketing Manager for a small manufacturing company located in Northwest Indiana. 


With InfoGrate, Shawn uses her past experiences and oversees the day-to-day office operations of the company, including issues related to Accounts Payable/Receivable, Human Resources, Payroll and any other activities that require her attention to detail.


Shawn is a native of Northwest Indiana but looks forward to the day when she and her husband can move to an area where it is warm year-round with no snow. In her free time Shawn enjoys reading, crocheting, baking and cruise vacations with her husband.

Girish Bhagia,

Girish Bhagia has over 18 years of experience in Financial Technology. He has successfully executed complex development and maintenance projects using various financial products and Microsoft technology for financial companies in the US market.


His key areas of expertise are Technical Excellence and Domain Knowledge in Financial Technology, Leadership, Team building, Business Development, Project Management & Delivery, Managing End-to-End Business Operations and Process Innovation.


He comes with subject matter expertise in financial application and database design with entire project development life cycle, diagnosis and solving application problems for our clients. He specializes in implementing the latest web technologies to enable clients to achieve their mission goals, maintain costs and deliver solutions to their customers. His focus is on integrating complex information systems using cutting edge technology in eFinance applications.

Girish Bhagia leads the technology team that specializes in the use of latest web technologies to create customizable eFinancial Solutions. He with his team provide high quality, innovative, customized technology solutions for large and small wealth management companies and family offices.


Girish earned Master of Science degree in Information Management Systems from Loyola University, Chicago and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Degree from Pune University.

The InfoGrate Team
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InfoGrate’s core team is composed of 20 members, and each and every one of us (right down to the office manager!) hails from the ultra-high net worth marketplace. We’re a tight family team and have been together for over two decades, and we all have a deep, technology and operations-centric understanding of the family office space.

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