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How Secure are Fax Machines?

InfoGrate is exploring 5 items that are commonly used every day. People assume they are secure, but are they? We have already reviewed United States Postal Service Blue Mailboxes and Checks. Next, we will examine fax machines.

The Risk:

Widely thought of as one of the safest options, sending a fax poses a huge security risk: a fax is sent without any cryptography and is sent over the phone line. This means anyone can tap the phone line and intercept it. Additionally, a fax can be sent to you when you are not at your desk, which means it can sit in your tray for hours and exposes information to being physically stolen if your office is broken into.

The Solution:

Instead of sending sensitive information via fax, scan your documents and send them via encrypted email.

Helping our clients keep their information safe across all channels is very important. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to set up a security review, contact us at The next item that we are going to review is in-house servers.

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