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How Secure are USPS Blue Mailboxes?

InfoGrate is exploring 5 items that are commonly used every day. People assume they are secure, but are they? The first item we will examine are the United States Postal Service (USPS) Blue Mailboxes.

The Risk:

Sending a “hard copy” of a document with sensitive information is not as safe as you think. Dropping documents, such as statements, passports, or checks into a USPS blue mailbox puts your information at risk. Malicious individuals can break into those blue mailboxes or use tools to fish envelopes out from the top opening. Your documents/checks can sit in the mailbox for as long as an entire weekend depending on when the next USPS pickup time is.

The Solution:

Instead of sending sensitive documents via dropping them in a blue mailbox, go inside the post office and send your envelopes via certified mail. Ideally, you should purchase tracking and delivery confirmation as well. The USPS also offers users the ability to purchase postage online for Next Day Delivery or Priority Mail delivery (normally 2-3 business days) and includes free tracking and delivery confirmation. Documents can also be scanned and sent via encrypted email if this is an option.

Helping our clients keep their information safe across all channels is very important. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to set up a security review, contact us at The next item that we are going to review is paper checks.

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