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How Secure are In-house Servers?

InfoGrate is exploring 5 items that are commonly used every day. People assume they are secure, but are they? We have already reviewed United States Postal Service Blue Mailboxes, Checks, and Fax Machines. Next, we will examine in-house servers.

The Risk:

Storing sensitive documents on your in-house server is surprisingly unsafe: physical servers require frequent patching and constant defense against hacker exploits and even IT professionals are struggling to keep up.

The Solution:

Consider migrating from a physical server to a cloud-based one, also known as going “serverless”. InfoGrate has explored the pros and cons of this topic in a separate series or articles. Click her to review them.

Helping our clients keep their information safe across all channels is very important. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to set up a security review, contact us at The final item that we are going to review is passwords.

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