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We help Family Offices navigate the complex world of operational technology. 

In addition to their place in the ultra-high wealth marketplace, InfoGrate’s clients share a few more similarities in terms of average profile. We've built up business to grow with these needs.
Complexity &
Scope of Needs
  • Have complex portfolios and reporting requirements

  • Have a fair amount of manual work

  • No technology provider offers them complete solution; they pull together various processes, technologies, staff to satisfy infrastructure, operations requirements

  • Small size (fewer than 150 employees)

  • Therefore often not well served by larger technology conglomerates

  • Impractical to build major internal support systems but forced to do so to perform effectively

  • Prefer small staffs outside their core service of investment/relationship management

  • Hiring dedicated CTO impractical - senior principal usually covers these responsibilities as additional duties

Core Business Req.png
Core Business Requirements
  • Core business is not technology and operations (TOPs) - these become a hassle, extra cost

  • Overseeing compliance, risk management is important

  • Consideration for outsourcing and remote support functions (custody, prime broker, reconciliation, reporting, etc.)

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