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Preparing to Go Serverless

If you are looking to make the switch to serverless, there are 5 things to do and/or consider:

  1. Check that your current MSP (Managed Service Provider) can work with this new paradigm – are your fees based on hours, licenses, servers, software, users.

  2. Ask yourself: What do I use locally? Do I still need it, or is there a cloud-based alternative? Examples could be from Adobe desktop with mapped drives to Advent APX or QuickBooks.

  3. Plan for each application to migrate in a phased approach. Also consider the following:

    1. How does this change your backups, uptime, and business continuity?

    2. What can be archived and not migrated?

    3. How will you handle training?

    4. How can you clean up security rights and roles?

  4. As a VPN would no longer be needed to access your files or applications, consider the following:

    1. How does this change your logins, remote access, and desktop experience?

    2. Single Sign On (SSO)

    3. Password vault

    4. Your desktops and home access with security

    5. Moving security from your servers and local network to your desktops

  5. ​It is also important to note that there can still be reasons to keep a VPN, even if you make the switch to serverless. These options should be evaluated carefully.

At the end of the day, eliminating your physical server is a business decision and should be approached with careful thought and consideration. At InfoGrate, we can guide you through this process, from the analysis to the decision, and then through the search and implementation. If you think going serverless might be the right decision for you, please email us at

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