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Microsoft Launches AI Tool: What to know about MS Copilot

Microsoft recently launched its AI tool, Copilot. Copilot combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with your data in the Microsoft Graph and the Microsoft 365 applications (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams) to help with tasks such as creating, summarizing, editing, or transforming.

Once deployed within the organization, Copilot is easy to use – it shows up as a plugin in each of the Microsoft apps in the form of a chat box. You simply provide it with prompts (like the way you interact with ChatGPT) and it can do things like create a cover letter in Word that summarizes an Excel-based investment report or give you the highlights of what you missed at last week’s tax and compliance Teams meeting.

The case for leveraging Copilot in a Family Office environment is strong, as FO’s typically have a lot of manual work, and this is where Copilot shines!

Some potential uses include:

  1. In PowerPoint: You can build a presentation for your Family Council meeting by prompting Copilot to pull in Word docs and Excel reports to create a visually engaging slideshow.

  2. In Excel: If you are looking at a performance report, you can tell Copilot to create a pivot table or set up conditional formatting.

  3. In Word: Have Copilot author a letter to investors by taking a collection of Excel quarterly reports and writing a summary.

  4. In Outlook: You can have Copilot summarize a long email conversation with your family office’s legal department and have it draft a response from you.

  5. In Teams: Back-to-back investor meetings and late to a meeting? You can ask Copilot what you missed and it will provide you an outline of what was discussed before you joined the call.

In short, Copilot is a game-changing tool because it unlocks so much productivity within the Microsoft suite of applications. Interested in learning more about how to bring Copilot into your family office? Talk to your MSP or email us at

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