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ChatGPT and Security

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

A year ago, OpenAI (“OAI”) released ChatGPT to the public. Adoption and usage have grown exponentially since the release. This week we are delving into the ins and outs of ChapGPT’s security – How safe is it? What information from chat is shared?

ChatGPT uses a version (a “model”) of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) called a “natural language learning model.” This is what puts the “Chat” in ChatGPT: this model is what allows the user to interact with the AI in a chat based environment.

OpenAI uses all ChatGPT conversations and data to train and retrain its model. This means that ChatGPT is trained on a massive data set, which enriches the information it can provide. The more robust an AI’s data set is, the better it can serve you.

This poses a problem, however, if you want to use ChatGPT to interact with data that is sensitive, such as prompting it to scan a bank statement for insights. Based on the way ChatGPT is trained, this sensitive data can show up in future models.

There is a solution to this security conundrum: Private ChatGPT.

Since launching its public product, OpenAI has formed a relationship with Microsoft – through this relationship, OAI made the model available to leverage in a secure, Microsoft environment. Microsoft has since been releasing services to allow users to use the AI in Azure – so now users can use a ChatGPT in their private/secure MS environment. Users log into Microsoft O365 and access a secure version of ChatGPT.

As part of the agreement with OpenAI, the ChatGPT service available within Azure will be the same model of ChatGPT available to the public, with one salient difference: OpenAI will not be able to use any of the data to train its future models. Users can therefore use this version to analyze documents such as trusts, bank statements, and contracts.

So, when is it safe to use ChatGPT? If you are using it to ask questions about yourself or other individual people or entities, then Microsoft’s private version is the way to go. If you are interested in setting up an instance of ChatGPT in your Microsoft environment, contact InfoGrate via email,

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