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Today's increasingly complex information technology environment requires many companies to have consolidated access to data which is distributed over many related, yet, independent systems. However, conversion costs, ownership, security, and data volume keep these systems separate. InfoGrate, Inc. has developed a suite of data mediation tools and services that provide "virtual" integration of this data to facilitate the formation of Business Intelligence.

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InfoGrate was founded in 1996 by Dr. Tania Neild, and has since grown into a close-knit team specializing in technology and operations.  We service clients in the wealth management space, ranging from Single Family Offices to Multi Family Offices. 


Projects span from back-end data warehouse and virtual integration efforts to front-end web design and application initiatives.


The team at InfoGrate has been together now for over 20 years, and every key player is from the ultra-high-net-worth marketplace. 


We will typically do half a day's scope of work to estimate the plan, then break projects into small, fixed-fee projects. However, we provide flexibility depending on the breadth of service, on-going relationship, specific packages, and custom development needs.

Therefore, we work on a retainer and as an ASP. We rarely work by the hour as it is inefficient for us to watch the clock instead of watching the needs, systems, and clients.

We sit offsite as needed, and believe that, if we are doing our job effectively, we are best left to execute our work rather than provide face time. While remote, we do integrate as part of your team, acting more as members of an internal department than as project or business management consultants.

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We are a distributed team and set of systems that covers all areas of the world, all hailing from the ultra-high-net-worth marketplace and having been together as a team for over 10 years. We work to innovate, enjoy, and produce; we do not push paper, grow egos, or satisfy personalities.

We practice what we preach and keep our own non-core production requirements simple, which means overhead, sales, management, and billing are light. We are a deep, technology and operations-centric specialist in the ultra-high wealth marketplace niche. Therefore, we cover the marketplace top to bottom and inside and out rather than broadly across many sectors.

We have established relationships inside and outside the United States to find the most cost-effective providers for development or production.

We reuse experience, code, processes, data feeds, tools, and knowledge such that we can get clients up faster and more effectively than other, broader players.



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