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How we work with our clients

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Fixed Bid Structure.

  • Simple, single fixed bid for assessment, audit, and security projects- each with a well-defined deliverable. IGI remains independent consultant.

  • Fixed-bid searches- we act as a member of your team; we do not take any fees from vendors

  • Break larger leverage or integration engagements into fixed-bid projects, milestones, results – InfoGrate’s team is an extension of your team

Flexible Support.

  • Retained CT contract to support strategy and TOP’s plans – InfoGrate leads, oversees the effort and results rather than just managing the project

  • We are flexible, offering breadth of service, whether you require ongoing relationship, specific packages, and/or custom development

  • We rarely work by the hour; it’s more efficient for us to tend to your needs rather than watch the clock

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Core Focus.

  • We are deep specialists in wealth management technology- we cover it from top to bottom, inside and out, rather than broadly covering many sectors

  • InfoGrate works to innovate, enjoy, produce, not push paper, grow egos, or satisfy personalities

  • We practice what we preach, keeping non-core production requirements simple (overhead, sales, management, and billing are light)

Strategic Efficiencies.

  • We have established relationships inside and outside the United States to find the most cost-effective providers for development and production

  • We reuse experience, generic code, processes, data feeds, tools, and knowledge to get clients up and running faster- more effectively than other broader-based players

  • We operate offsite unless needed onsite- if we are doing our jobs effectively, we are best left to execute our work rather than provide face time

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