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What is a "Multi Single Family Office?"

...It's exactly what it sounds like!

With the unparalleled economies of scale that MFO's are able to offer, more families are migrating from the somewhat stale, Rockefellerian notion of the SFO and moving towards a larger option.

However, sharing the traditional FO services with other families can mean less attention and impersonal interactions. SFO's are also more likely to develop a bespoke plan for a family's investments, as well as technology solutions that fit the needs of the FO's infrastructure like a fine Italian leather glove.

It's clear each setup has its pro's and con's, which is why the industry is moving towards the dynamic equilibrium of the "Multi Single Family Office" (MSFO). Ultra high net worth families need an option that combines these two models, offering the customizability and personal service of SFOs, and the vast and deep resources of MFOs.

The concept of a multi-single-family office (MSFO) is exactly what it sounds like.

It’s an office that’s structured in a way that offers the scalability associated with a multidisciplinary MFO, with the hands-on bespoke approach, with no engineered product offerings, as well as the depth and breadth of customized offerings of an SFO.

As family needs change, an MSFO’s comprehensive approach to wealth management—with investment, tax, real estate, estate planning, philanthropic and other expertise under one roof—means that it’s always ready to offer the most comprehensive, conflict-free advice.

As MFO and SFO models continue to develop, overlap, and conflict, perhaps the MSFO will be the natural equilibrium they eventually reach. Food for financial thought.

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