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How to Build A Solid Tech Ops Foundation (For Both Staff and Clients Alike!)

Here at Infograte, we believe that the technology that our clients embrace should be simple to use, with a clean user experience for both staff and your clients.

While an in-depth, up-to-the-minute understanding of fintech trends is exponentially helpful, we've distilled 4 basics to watch.

1- Innovation. Your tech partner shouldn't just chase the latest buzzwords. Right now, your baseline should be a tech solution that is cloud-based, can engage your staff with a modern user interface and can interface with your clients for a better, more efficient experience. And don't forget you're likely in this for the long haul, so you need to be sure your tech provider is as well!

2- Integration. You need a tech partner that allows the flexibility to use not only today's integration solutions, but also emerging tech solutions in the future. Currently, you need web application programming interfaces for the 3 primary systems: CRM, portfolio accounting and financial planning. Web APIs allow for 2-way communication; they pull information from other systems and share their own reporting and functionality with other platforms as well. Making sure your API is open is also key; this creates more adaptability down the road.

3- Implementation. The best software in the world can't help your team if no one knows how to use it to its full potential! Always check with your prospective tech partners what kind of training resources they provide. This can range from online tutorials to on-site training. Also make sure to devise an implementation road map with clear steps and goals for all user groups.

4- "Idiot" Proof. Keep the user experience simple! Staff and clients alike are far more likely to leverage your new systems if the UI and UX are seamless and intuitive.

While there is no one true configuration of tech solutions that will play to every business's strongest value propositions right out of the box, the team here at IGI is here to help you build the most efficient, relevant, and valuable operational system to fir your firm like a glove.

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