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TED Talk: "Your Online Life, Permaneny as a Tattoo," by Juan Enriquez

Juan Enriquez’s talk in 2013 examines the rise of social networks and our hyperconnected world. Enriquez discusses the effect of social media posts, calling them “digital tattoos.”

The issue—then and now—is that all the information we provide on ourselves is easily assembled, often by just tapping into facial databases, and without even knowing that our picture has been taken by someone nearby with a cell phone.

“Warhol got it wrong,” he says. “Now, you are only anonymous for 15 minutes.”

He suggests that we are threatened with immortality because our digital tattoos follow us around the Internet.

This talk is a good reminder to pause before sharing on social media, and for companies to create formal policies and provisions for social media.

If you haven’t yet, get a move on and think before you post.

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