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TED Talk: "Cracking Stuxnet, a 21st-century cyber weapon," by Ralph Langer

Security TED Talks look at the past, but the lessons are often still relevant today. Moreover, what might seem like a new problem has often been around for years.

Check out this talk is by German security consultant Ralph Langer in 2011. He tells the now-familiar story about how Stuxnet came to be created and how it was deployed against the Iranian nuclear plant at Natanz in 2010.

What makes this relevant for today is the effort that the Stuxnet creators (supposedly a combination of U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies) designed the malware to work in a very specific set of circumstances. In the years since Stuxnet’s creation, we’ve seen less-capable malware authors also design custom code for specific purposes, target individual corporations, and leverage multiple zero-day attacks. It is worth reviewing the history of Stuxnet to refresh your knowledge of its origins.

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