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Spotlight on Dr. Tania Neild

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Dr. Tania Neild is the founder and CTO of InfoGrate. Here's a bit more about her!

Dr. Neild's exceptional technical skills in distributed data integration and real-time data management result from 25 years of academic and professional applied research. Dr. Neild began her career as an applied scientist for the National Security Agency, which awarded her the prestigious National Physical Sciences Consortium Award to fund her research in heterogeneous database integration.

She earned a PhD in computer engineering from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer sciences from Emory University.

Dr. Neild has established several successful web-based information exchange solutions for clients from the Fortune 100 down to start-ups.

Within InfoGrate, she supports and oversees all aspects of holistic information management, including technology specifications, tool selection and design, data feed integration, operations, data warehousing, reporting, and maintenance.

Prior to that, Dr. Neild built two FinTech start-ups from the ground up.

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