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69 percent of organizations find AI is necessary for responding to cyber threats, MIT study finds

Security technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, but advances in the cyber-criminal world are close behind.

Attack vectors (i.e, the paths or means by which a hacker can gain access to a computer or network to deliver malicious outcomes) are extensive and changing.

Phenomena such as the explosion of end-user devices accessing networks and growing capabilities of user interfaces are forcing organizations to improve their security posture more frequently. This process is largely manual and often time-consuming.

A study at MIT concluded that AI is giving companies a fighting chance against hacker innovation by automating updates and inferring what should come next. AI tools can scan vast amounts of data and then use machine learning algorithms to look for patterns, learn how cyber-attacks begin, and guide human decision-makers on how to respond.

Read the full report here!

Source: MIT Technology Review, 2019.

Source: HP Enterprise // MIT Technology Review, 2019.

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