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10 TED Talks to Get Your Head in the Cyber Security Game

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

With more down time with due to cold weather keeping us indoors as well as the renewed pandemic restriction, it's a the perfect time to zero in on cybersecurity. We've found an awesome list of 10 TED Talks that tackles questions regarding security in the digital space.

Key takeaways across all talks include:

1- Check out public DNS providers to protect networks from outages in conflict-prone hotspots around the world.

2- Consider privacy implications of users' social media posts. Assemble appropriate guidelines for how they consume social media. 

3- Improve your password portfolio by using a password manager, a single-sign-on tool, or some other mechanism for making them stronger and less onerous in their creation for your users.

4- Think outside the box, and visualize where your next threats will appear on your network.

5- Examine whether risk-based authentication security tools can help provide more trustworthy transactions to thwart phishers. 

6- Build red teams to help harden your defenses.

Source: HP Enterprise

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