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10 TED Talks to get your head in the Cyber Security game this Fall

We're resurrecting this awesome list from a few months back as folks have more down time with the arrival of the back to school season and the renewed pandemic travel bans. It's a list of 10 TED Talks that tackles questions regarding security in the digital space.

Key takeaways across all talks include:

1- Check out public DNS providers to protect networks from outages in conflict-prone hotspots around the world.

2- Consider privacy implications of users' social media posts. Assemble appropriate guidelines for how they consume social media. 

3- Improve your password portfolio by using a password manager, a single-sign-on tool, or some other mechanism for making them stronger and less onerous in their creation for your users.

4- Think outside the box, and visualize where your next threats will appear on your network.

5- Examine whether risk-based authentication security tools can help provide more trustworthy transactions to thwart phishers. 

6- Build red teams to help harden your defenses.

Source: HP Enterprise


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